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Cg Charcter Pose Test2 by TheRealAlpha2
Cg Charcter Pose Test2
A second pose of the new version of the two characters I created for a potential anim8or project. After playing around with the models a bit for the previous pose test I thought I should try to mess around with them a bit more.

I had spent a lot of time using MMD (mikumikudance) which, like applications such as Source film maker, uses pre-made models but the problem with programs like that is you tend to be stuck using the premade models or editing existing ones to be occasionally awkward approximations of your original characters which can be distracting because they still look like someone else's design. While I don't want to totally move away from MMD which is fun and very easy to use, I also don't want to sacrifice making original content so I went back to Anim8or, a program I'd spent years trying to understand.
Cg Charcter Pose Test by TheRealAlpha2
Cg Charcter Pose Test
An update of a previous image seen here:… . I tried to copy the pose as close as I could...
I had long ago lost the original models that I had started making for an animation project in Anim8or, but that gave the characters time to evolve and change into, what I feel are, more functional designs. The problem with the old models (aside from just not even having them anymore) was partly that they werent single mesh models and didn't work well with lighting effects (because I wasn't a very good modeler, still am not great at it, and Anim8or is a very simplistic program making it hard to fine tune models to a professional level even if I had the skill). Also they lacked basic animation like mouth and eye movement.

I decided to double down on art style to cover my weaknesses, so where the original designs looked like generic Megaman knock-offs these new versions are a bit more original owing more of their design to their back story story, paper model designs that rely more on simple efficient shapes, reducing the textures to simple gradients, and using a less human more chibi/alien/poke-monster style that requires less realism. They still need a bit of fine tuning, and this pose test helped to point out things like bone constraint issues and just how hard they might be to animate if I ever do get around to this little side project.
Happiness Is A Warm Gun: Chinese Newyear by TheRealAlpha2
Happiness Is A Warm Gun: Chinese Newyear
Mary: "Not a chance in hell. You look like you're about to perform a sacrifice, and besides that we're not even Chinese."
Haedyn: "Awww, but they're cute!"

I know it was technically yesterday, but it was also my birthday so I decided to spend it doing a little drawing and having fun and one of the things that came out of the day was this little inked sketch. Drawn in Firealpaca.
Happiness Is a Warm... Sweater? by TheRealAlpha2
Happiness Is a Warm... Sweater?
Haedyn: How do you like your new holiday sweater?
Mary: I can honestly say it's given me the will to live.
Haedyn: Really?!
Mary: Mostly because I don't want to be caught dead in it.
Mary in a jumper by TheRealAlpha2
Mary in a jumper
I have been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks just trying to work out different ways to color it. Mostly because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go full Photoshop or simple cell shade style with it. I want the comic to be in color and be visually sharp, but I also want it to be a simple straight forward production with switching between as few programs as possible and that doesn't bog me down with noodling a page for a week. Right now I'm thinking a bit of a gradient mixed inside of a cell shading style might be the best bet, I just need to figure out the mixture ratio.

Also this is a bit of an attempt to start stretching Mary's wardrobe. She's not a fancy fashion model and she's not the type to try and impress anyone with her clothing choices, but I wanted to mix things up a bit and come up with other things that match her attitude which led me to running across something similar to this short sleeved jumpsuit outfit.
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I stopped making Resolutions years ago because if I was going to improve something about myself that I could actually follow through on consistently why would I wait until the beginning of the year to do so? I can be very inconsistent mostly because I do what seems right at the time or what ever seems to be the right call when my lizard brain "fight or flee" instincts kick in. Then again what ever the choice I do tend to stick with it unless I can be persuaded with logic and or reason to back down from it (if it's a choice made through logic and reason though, it's unlikely I can be persuaded to change.) So, to hell with resolutions, if you're going to do something just start doing it when you feel you can. Forcing yourself to apply a change at some arbitrary point in time isn't going to make it happen any easier.


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