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Mary Reactions by TheRealAlpha2
Mary Reactions
Another in a set of FireAlpaca inking tests for Happiness is a Warm Gun (at this point I'm almost certain I'll be using it for the comic). This time out practicing Mary's expressions which generally range from slightly annoyed to really pissed off with a light sprinkle of happy on the right occasion. Her limited range is a bit of a benefit since the challenge is mostly in the fact that I can't rely on her eyebrows due to the thick black hair that hangs low over her eyes (intentionally). That's not to say she wont have range at all it's just her baseline is not to be very excitable. Also, trying to not rely just on color to define light and shadow. Color has become a bit of a crutch, and I think changing the way I ink helped me realize I need to reacquaint myself with the skill.
HIAWG inking practice by TheRealAlpha2
HIAWG inking practice
More Happiness is a Warm Gun practice! I think I'm getting a lot more comfortable with drawing & inking in FireAlpaca. I still have a ways to go before I'm totally comfortable coloring in it though. The way the selection tool works seems to affect my ability to interpret colors so I always end up making them a little dead... Mary isn't the the most colorful character in the world, but I find myself having to make corrections to keep her from looking like a zombie.
Inking by TheRealAlpha2
More practice in FireAlpaca with Mary and Haedyn, a bit of inking and testing out options for coloring and lettering. Still trying to get used to the feeling of drawing everything digitally. It does feel like I could produce art faster with it, but I still need to adapt my style to the program because I'm used to drawing with more angularity. Angular edges are easy with a pencil on paper or when inking with vectors in Illustrator, but FireAlpaca caters more to a brush stroke. Color is equally challenging because of the program's digital painting roots, although it does gradients, manipulating them for the sake of comic coloring takes a little more planning than I'm used to after years of photoshop and the layer blending effect options are limited. I find that lettering is almost as easy as in photoshop, although you have to remember to rasterize before you change the dimensions of the page or the text remains the same size.
HIAWG: Ouch by TheRealAlpha2
Mostly this was a test of the art program Firealpaca. I wanted to see just how well I could draw directly into the program and color it using my character Mary Black. The sketching and inking phases felt smoother than Photoshop. Maybe with a bit more practice I might feel more comfortable doing comic style coloring with it, but for now I feel better using it for cell style or digital painting.
Arial Turnaround
Currently one of the many things I'm working on is new low-poly 3D models of my characters Arial and Helvetica. I spent a good long while trying to get that "baked in" shadow look mostly because I wasn't getting a great result with toon/cellshade rendering. The hair still needs some work and I have a lot of morphs to work on for facial animation since it's next to impossible to rig the face in Anim8or. Hopefully more CG stuff in general to come soon.
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I stopped making Resolutions years ago because if I was going to improve something about myself that I could actually follow through on consistently why would I wait until the beginning of the year to do so? I can be very inconsistent mostly because I do what seems right at the time or what ever seems to be the right call when my lizard brain "fight or flee" instincts kick in. Then again what ever the choice I do tend to stick with it unless I can be persuaded with logic and or reason to back down from it (if it's a choice made through logic and reason though, it's unlikely I can be persuaded to change.) So, to hell with resolutions, if you're going to do something just start doing it when you feel you can. Forcing yourself to apply a change at some arbitrary point in time isn't going to make it happen any easier.


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